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The Interlink Self-Help Center opened in 1996 through the efforts of a group of individuals with lived mental health experience along with other community advocates and partners concerned with the lack of peer managed and operated mental health services.

This peer managed and operated mental health self-help recovery program was founded on the principles of the Mental Health Self-Help Recovery Movement which advocates for meaningful involvement in every aspect of the mental health system from a “Nothing About Us Without Us” stance. 

With the knowledge that people can and do recover from psychiatric challenges, and with Hope, Self Determination, Choice, and Rights Protection in mind, Interlink was created to respond to multiple life needs, as a safe place that offers self-help, peer support, and empowerment opportunities to those of us dealing with emotional challenges and the stigma and discrimination that has traditionally accompanied and compounded such challenges.  


The mission of Interlink Self-Help Center is to provide a safe environment in which those of us facing our mental health challenges can improve our quality of life through self-help, mutual support and empowerment.  


The Interlink Self-Help Center is open to all community members 18 years of age and over and all services are offered free of charge.  They offer support for self-directed mental health recovery and wellness.  Interlink Self-Help Center is peer managed and operated and their programs and services are provided by individual with lived experience facing their own mental health challenges.

Written by
Dana Valley