Lymphatic Support-Building Circulation with Salt Scrubs


Salt Scrubs  “Chikitsa”

Salt scrubs are an incredible way to exfoliate the dead skin cells from the body and at the same time, get a therapeutic treatment for your lymphatic system. This type of treatment will help you feel lighter in your body as well as resulting in smooth, soft skin.

How to:

Stand on a sheet or towel as the salt scrub can get oily and slippery.

Start at your feet using circular motions (make sure skin turns pink before moving to the next area), working from your feet to your heart, then hands to your heart. (When the skin turns pink, it shows that the circulation is moving in that area of the body and when skin does not turn pink, it means more scrubbing is needed.)

Rinse off in the shower or fill the tub and soak in the water. There is no need to soap off as salt is naturally deodorizing. Simply rinse with water only.

Massage oil into the skin. The oil will act as a natural abhyanga oil.

How to make a salt scrub:  

Mix sea salt and the oil of your choice into a thick paste. The more oil used, the less abrasive the scrub will be. There is no perfect ratio. You want the scrub not so dry that it falls off the skin easily while scrubbing and not so oily that it does not act as an invigorating exfoliant.   

Try Refined Sea Salt, which can be found in bulk bins (not for eating). Any ocean salt can be used, suchas Atlantic Grey Salt, but it must be finely ground. Baking Soda can be used for sensitive skin. Sunflower oil is silky, tridoshic,and inexpensive (even organic!). Any oil listed above can be used.

This treatment works at a deeper lymphatic level then the dry brush, but is more work to clean up. Best results are seen if this treatment is done at least once a week, but can be done more regularly.

Gua Sha massage tool “Rakta Moksha”

The gua sha is a flat piece of wood or jade that is used to move the lymphatic system. It aides in breaking down scar tissue and tenderizes muscles.

Gua Sha Promotes:

·       Release lactic acid in muscles

·       Break-down of scar tissue (use with castor oil)

·       Tonifies nerves along the meridian lines

·       Supports lymphatic drainage

·       Builds circulation and heart flow


How to use:        

Starting at the feet and moving towards the heart, rub the edge of the gua sha vigorously along the skin, then do the same thing starting at the hands and moving towards the heart.

The gua sha can be used in the shower with water, in a steam room or tub. It is best used with a body oil to drive nutrients into the tissue. The gua sha can also be used over clothes.

This technique can create bruising from the toxins releasing in the tissue. Bruising will decrease or stop altogether over time.

Written by
Dana Valley