Practice Makes Perfect


Getting to Carneige Hall

It’s the old joke: A tourist in New York City asks a street vendor: “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” Street vendor answers: “Practice, practice, practice.’


Many people think of stress management techniques as something you do when you get stressed. Well, yes, but why stop there? Why not change the way you think of stress and respond to it?  Why not learn to use it as a motivator, as useful information, telling you what is and is not working?


Only using a stress management practice when you are stressed is like trying to learn to knit in the middle of a hurricane. Practice at times when your body falls more easily into stillness or mindfulness or coherence trains your body and your mind to respond more readily when you walkout onto that concert stage.


There are 2 times when it will be difficult to sit down to practice: when you are feeling really bad, and when you are feeling really good. Do it anyway.

Written by
Jerilu Breneman, RN